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Frequently Asked Questions about Smartphone Applications

This page contains Q&A regarding smartphone applications.


Q. Can I invite new users from my smartphone?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. When I post a photo taken with my smartphone to Tocaro, the resolution is low and it is hard to see.

Sorry, the resolution is reduced when posting from a mobile phone. There is currently no way to avoid this. We plan to improve this in the future.

Q. I don't know how to contact the service desk from my mobile phone.

We are currently developing mobile support for the service desk, and until its release, the feature will be available only on the web.


Q. Viewing new messages, sending messages, and refreshing messages do not work.

Please try Android Settings > Apps > Apps > Tocaro > Storage > "Clear Storage" > Re-login.

Q. Is it a specification that I cannot view pdf files properly on Tocaro for Android?

A. The scrolling of the file preview is a problem caused by Webview in Andorid, so uninstalling the app will fix the problem.


Q. I have the latest version of the app and now the notifications won't go away. The number 1 always appears in the notification even though I have set everything to unread.

Please log out and log in again.

Q. Only text files do not open.

Please change the character encoding of the text file to UTF-8 and upload the file to preview it.

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