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on-premise package

With cyber attacks and information leaks on the rise, more robust information security measures are required for companies and organizations. In response to these trends and customer demands, Tocaro is now available in both private cloud and on-premise package versions.

All the same features as the cloud version are offered as a package
All functions available in the cloud version are also available in the on-premise package version. In addition to chat and file sharing, all functions necessary to complete tasks and workflows can be easily built within the company environment.
Desktop and mobile apps for closed environments
Daily communication is inconvenient without an app. For this reason, Tocaro provides a secure environment for desktop and mobile apps, even in closed environments.
High availability and easy scale-out for large traffic
The private cloud on-premise version of Tocaro is designed based on the Tocaro public cloud version used by many users. In a closed environment, Tocaro provides high availability and easy scale-out for traffic of tens of thousands of users.
Safe and Secure Maintenance System
We provide a dedicated maintenance contact and maintenance system to meet your needs. We also provide complete pre- and post-implementation support, including extensive training for implementation staff and users.
Also works with dedicated on-premise video conferencing tools
It can also be integrated with on-premise dedicated video conferencing tools such as LiveOn and FreshVoice. Cost-effective implementation can be expected since the existing tools used in the company can be used without replacement.

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The free trial of Tocaro is for 30 days. You will not be charged automatically after the trial is over.Please feel free to sign up for a free trial.

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