Just using Tocaro to make your work process transparent will change your productivity.

Tocaro is the only workspace to get all your team's work transparent, measurable, automated and completed.

Tocaro is your company's productivity platform, which makes all the work processes fully visible and all the team projects efficiently done.

Project Management

Tocaro can make who's in charge of what type of work measurable and how we work transparent, with its task tracking, automated workflow and process visualization.


Realtime Communication

A team cannot get things done without day-to-day communication among them. Tocaro is so intuitive and flexible that every one can communicate in every imaginable way such as one-on-one messaging with colleagues or business discussion with customers or clients.


Work Board

It's essential for a team that each of them knows all what they're in charge of by themselves. Tocaro's Work Board helps them bring together their own responsible work separated by groups or projects and make them organized in one place.


Your information is always protected with robust integration with Box®.

Tocaro is the only productivity workspace tool which can deeply integrate with Box®, a secure file storage service backed by hundreds of thousands of corporations worldwide.
You can save all the files shared on Tocaro into your Box® seamlessly without them stored on Tocaro's server.
Tocaro incorporates Box®'s administrative control, which brings to Tocaro not only its advanced user management or access restrictions but also its powerful content search experience.


A suite of team productivity experiences.

Tocaro is the only workspace to get all your team's work transparent, measurable, automated and completed, leading to better flexibility with decision making and higher productivity of the entire company.

  • Video conferencing

    You can smoothly communicate with anyone wherever they are, by Tocaro's high-resolution and low-latency video conferencing, audio call and screen sharing experiences, for daily face-to-face meetings, multi-site discussions or business presentations.

  • Workflow

    Your teams will be empowered to automate repeatable work by Tocaro's simple sequential approval process and work confirmation flow, helping everyone get things done with evidence and track who is in charge of what.

  • Search

    Tocaro’s powerful search engine and its advanced quick filtering helps you find any type of data across any groups, any projects or any conversational contexts in the moment, and share what’s found with other groups on the spot.

  • API & Integration

    Tocaro's flexible API and Webhook help you build a chatbot and integrate with RPA for more streamlined business process. Also integration with regular business tools like E-mail or support form contributes to your team's smooth onboarding on Tocaro.

  • File sharing

    You can securely upload and preview any type of file without having to move from Tocaro, which helps you intuitively share among your team business presentations, contracts or documents, or photos or videos taken by your smartphones.

  • Access control

    Control all the admin functionalities in one single dashboard, so that you can monitor access logs and track malicious activities, and make your team safeguarded through company-wide access control or device management.

  • Read management

    With Tocaro's read receipts, you can check at a glance if your message was appropriately delivered and read. And, its in-app notification and E-mail reminder will never let you forget unread messages sent to you.

  • Applications

    Tocaro has its own native application on all devices from smartphone and tablets to desktops or browsers.

Financial institution-level security

Tocaro provides a comfortable and secure environment with the advanced security features your business needs

A variety of limiting features to meet all needs

All the security features your company needs, such as IP address restrictions and password policies, are covered. We have. Restrict file uploads and mobile usage for companies seeking a more secure environment. It also has the ability to respond to all kinds of corporate requests.


Flexibility to change settings on a per-user basis

You can set up the connection method and operation for each user in detail, so you can use it with confidence in all types of jobs and environments. You can use this service. It is also possible to retrieve information from each user, so it is easy to audit the ISMS. is possible.


We will ensure that your important information is protected

Use of highly secure and reliable data centers, plus multiple locations We protect your information securely by Of course, administrators can retrieve historical data at any time, allowing employees to use it with confidence. It is available.


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