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In addition to the most advanced security available anywhere, Tocaro has everything you need to get the job done.


Easy and speedy chat communication in all situations such as information sharing within a department, project information sharing, meetings, weekly and daily reports, etc.

Related Functions

  • Read-access control

    Unread/read management allows you to check if a message was received by the other party. You can also track the last read time of the specified member.

  • Thread

    Leave thread-style information as comments on messages, making it easy to keep track of which messages are being exchanged

  • Reaction

    With pictogram-based reactions, simple communication such as acknowledgement is completed with a single tap.

  • Mention

    Messages with addressees prevent messages from being omitted, and all mentions are supported, enabling simultaneous sending to all concerned parties for collective sharing.

  • Search

    Search all messages in an instant. You can also filter by any criteria, such as file, task, time sent, etc.

  • Video calls

    Video calls and screen sharing are also supported. Online meetings can be used to share content that cannot be conveyed through text alone.

Project Management

Group "tasks" are visualized as "projects" together. Reduces management effort and improves team work efficiency.

Related Functions

  • Progress Management

    Color-coded progress status allows you to check the progress of each project at a glance to ensure follow-up

  • Comment

    Comment function for individual tasks. Mentions can also be used to facilitate communication.

  • Contact person, deadline, priority

    Tasks can be assigned to different people and priorities, and the screen display changes according to deadlines to ensure that no work is left out.

  • Attachment

    Task deliverables can be left as attachments to ensure final results are recorded

File sharing

Easy drag-and-drop file uploading and previewing speeds up document sharing and review.

Related Functions

  • Version control

    Files with the same name are automatically versioned and past versions remain, so you will never get lost in file names.

  • Label Management

    Files can be labeled to keep information organized

  • Preview

    File previews are available for many extensions, including Office and text files, so there is no need to download information


Requests for reactions from the other party, such as "Approval from supervisor" and "OK from all members of the department," reduce the time and effort required to confirm omissions and requests to the other party.

Related Functions

  • Approval-style workflow

    Have a conventional Step-type workflow for simple reviews, travel expense reimbursement, etc. within Tocaro

  • Action-style workflow

    Dramatically improves administrative tasks by allowing group members to direct tasks to members of the group in batches and to monitor completion status at a glance.

  • Template

    Creating templates of request details to be used for routine tasks

SaaS integration

Supports not only SaaS but also API integration, enabling flexible integration with internal systems and other services

Related Functions

  • Webhook

    Multiple URLs can be set for each group to easily post messages, and can be integrated with most services by using IFTTT, etc.

  • Box integration

    All files shared on Tocaro can be automatically stored in your Box folder without leaving the Tocaro server. In addition, Box permissions can be used as they are, so not only can user and access management be standardized, but Box's advanced search capabilities can also be used as they are.

  • Zoom integration

    Zoom meeting rooms can be created and shared from Tocaro with a single click. No need to bother with email or other means to communicate the meeting URL.


    Various functions such as messages and tasks are provided via API and can be linked to internal systems to automate operations.

  • AD integration

    Linkage with the company's AzureAD for automatic user management. Significantly reduces the time and effort required by the Information Systems Department when hiring and retiring.


All security features that are optional in other tools are included as standard. Provides an optimal environment that fits your corporate culture and policies.

Related Functions

  • Connection limitation

    In addition to restricting the connection source by IP address, the environment in which users can sign in from a specified connection source can also be restricted, allowing for use in closed environments.

  • Log export

    All operations and conversations can be exported as logs. The log can be automatically sent to a specified destination with the periodic execution function.

  • Authority

    Provides a secure communication environment for more use cases by restricting operations with five levels of user privileges

  • Certification

    Ability to set your own password policy as well as SSO and 2-step verification

  • Mobile Management

    Mobile devices that can connect can be specified. Session management allows for immediate blocking of suspicious accesses.

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