Tocaro | Work Process Management Platform


You can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Try a free 30-day trial first.

\Using in the public cloud/
Ideal for
Want to start quickly and easily
Want to prioritize convenience
Want to connect with external users
\Used in AWS's environment/
Private cloud
Ideal for
Strict internal cloud policies
Deploy on existing AWS contract
Custom features internal specs
\Using within owned assets/
Ideal for
Handle personal/secret info
Utilize their company's resources
Use in an offline environment

Tocaro cloud pricing plan

It becomes more cost-effective than combining multiple tools

Light Pack
40,000 yen/month
License fee only
Those who want to implement it at the lowest cost possible
Basic Pack
60,000 yen/month
Usage Reports
Dedicated Chat Support
Those looking to outsource QA support
Fully Managed Pack
150,000 yen/month
Basic pack + Operational support
Usage reports for your team
Regular hands-on workshops
Fully hands-off operation seekers
※ Please inquire for more than 200 IDs

Implementation support options

We offer implementation support services tailored to the needs of the person in charge of deployment

\Need help from rules to awareness/
Implementation Support Standard
150,000 yen
Ideal for
Want to recommend settings
Want to host an internal hands-on
Want to align with internal security rules
\Full support from setup to management/
Implementation Support Premium
250,000 yen
Ideal for
Want to handle all initial setup
Want to include data at delivery
※Even if you don't require implementation support services, there will still be an initial setup fee of 20,000 yen


We offer optional features to make your use of Tocaro even more convenient

Service desk option
It's possible to centralize the contact point
Using the service desk
Many contacts
AD integration option
yen/lump sum
It's possible to integrate with Azure AD and automate user management
Usage Reports
Dedicated Chat Support
Want to make user registration smoother.
Data migration option
yen/lump sum
Users can refer to past data in the new environment
Data migration from Chatwork
※ Some data may not be transferable
Want to keep the data from Chatwork

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The free trial of Tocaro is for 30 days. You will not be charged automatically after the trial is over.Please feel free to sign up for a free trial.

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