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Maximize Box® Productivity

Maximize the power of Box® through real-time collaboration with intuitive chat messaging, manageable file-sharing, smooth video conferencing and flexible cross-search, to get your team's work done.

Everything is 100% Box-optimized on all the available devices.

Over 300 companies rely on tocaro in only 6 months after launch

With Box® integration, tocaro focuses on fast, intuitive,
secure and manageable communication for enterprise customers.

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Communicate Anything in Box® on tocaro Effortlessly

tocaro offers Box®-integrated real-time collaboration experience for flexible group conversation or smooth team sync-up.

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Save Anything on tocaro into Box® automatically

From a single text message to a group conversation's video file, everything is automatically saved into Box®.

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Search Anything in Both tocaro and Box® seamlessly

tocaro's unified search technology covers not only chat messages on tocaro itself but also shared folders or files in Box®.

Honorably Trusted Thousands of Companies

It's really intuitive, and saves everything in one place. Especially, automatically saving a group conference video as a file into Box® is amazing. We've already been Box® users, so it's really easy for us to start using tocaro on a daily basis. Really, a beautifully-designed product.

Roger Caldwell, Director of Profduct, ABC Corporation

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Security Supports Your Team's Work

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Share Anything, Backed by World-Class Security.

You can chat and share anything from one single text to multiple business file with whoever you'd like, and they are all securely encrypted end-to-end. The bank-level security, granular sharing control, SSL-based encryption and admin account management (included in Enterprise plan) will make you more comfortable and less worried during real-time discussion.

tocaro's communication technology is made simple to solve your team's problems.

Deliver any chat messages with anyone, anytime

Upload, share and download any type of file

Create and manage any groups to handle projects

Organize your team's work with any To-Do items

Keep relationship with any business contacts

Search messages across any individuals and groups

You can enjoy more integrations, more enhanced security, more organization controls or more priority support, through tocaro's Enterprise plan.

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