Tocaro | Work Process Management Platform

Zoom integration guide

Steps from user creation to Zoom integration


Tocaro and Zoom accounts must be created with the same email address. This is because when you create a Zoom meeting, the email address registered with Tocaro is used to create the meeting.

Chapter.1: Import user

Step.1: Sign in to the Admin Dashboard

Sign in to the administrator dashboard from this page.

Step.2: Select "User"

Select "Users" in the upper left corner.

Step.3: Select "User Import"

Select "User Import" in the user's menu.

Step.4: Download Excel file for user import

Select "the link" to download the Excel file for user import.

Step.5: Fill in the Excel file

Open the downloaded Excel file, fill in rows A through K, and save the file.
Please refer to the User Import screen opened in "Step 4" for details on how to fill out the form.

Step.6: Select a import file

Select "Select File" and choose the file saved in Step.5.

Step.7: Select "Proceed to Confirmation"

Step.8: Start importing

The table will display the users to be updated or new users to be added.
If you are satisfied with the results, select "Start Import".

Step.9: Confirm the import result

If you see the following, user import is complete.

Chapter.2: Setting up Zoom integration

Step.1: Select Integration

Select "Integration" on the left side of the screen.

Step.2: Select "Zoom integration"

Select "Zoom integration" in the menu.

Step.3: Click "Integration"

Step.4: Sign in Zoom

Sign in to Zoom with an account whose user rights for Zoom subscriptions are "Owner" or "Administrator".

Step.5: Approve Tocaro with Zoom

Select "Authorize".

Step.6: Tocaro and Zoom integration registration completed

When the following screen appears, registration for Zoom linkage is complete.

Steps from Group Creation to Zoom Video

Chapter.3: Create "group"

Step.1: Sign in to Tocaro

Sign in to Tocaro from this page.

Step.2: Click "+" icon

Click  "+" icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step.3: Select "Create group"

Select "Create Group" in the menu.

Step.4: Enter group information

After entering the required information in each entry field, select "Done" at the bottom right of the screen to create the group.

Chapter.4: Start a Zoom meeting from Tocaro

Step.1: Open group

Open the group with the person with whom you want to start a Zoom meeting.

Step.2: Create Zoom Meeting

Click "Create Zoom Conference" in the plus button to automatically start a Zoom conference.