Tocaro | Work Process Management Platform

Password FAQ

This page contains Q&A regarding passwords.

Q. I want to change my password.

You can change your password from the here ( page.
The above linked page can also be viewed by following the steps below.

Workboard > Account Settings > Password Settings > Update

Q. I want to reset my password.

You can reset your password at here (

Q. I would like to confirm my initial password.

An email containing your initial password was sent to you when you registered your account.
If you do not find the email, please go to here( to reset your password.
Please reset your password.

Q. My account has been locked and I cannot log in.

You will be able to log in again 30 minutes after the lock has been applied.
If you are in a hurry, please go to here(
You can log in again as soon as possible by resetting your password.