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I get an error when logging in. What should I do?

The cache and cookies in your Web browser may cause an error. Please try deleting your web browser's cache and cookies by referring to the following steps.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome's settings screen.

! Google_and_Google.png

Step2. Delete the cache

Step2-1. Open Delete browsing history data !

! Settings_and_Google.png

Step2-2. Delete cached images and files

! Settings_and_Google.png

Delete cookies.

Open cookies and other site data.

! Settings_and_Google.png

Open all cookies and site data view

! [Settings_-_Cookies_and_other_site_data_and_Google.png]( .png)

Step3-3. Search for "" and delete site data

! [Settings_-_All_Cookies_and_Site_Data_and_Google.png]( 99fb9-1920x1809r.png)

This completes the deletion of cache and cookies.
Please try Sign in to Tocaro again here.