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Box® is a file-sharing cloud service provided by Box Japan Co., Ltd.


Please tell me about your payment methods.
After registering for an account, please follow our payment process from the management screen. We accept all main credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.
Will the messages and files used in the Free Plan be kept after an upgrade?
Yes, please rest assured that all past information will be kept after the upgrade.
How long is the contract term for the Personal Plan and the Enterprise Plan?
We provide monthly contracts and payments are made every month. If you cancel your contract, payment would be required for the cancellation month; however, no payment will be collected from the following month onward.
Please tell me about the access rights to view chats.
Team privacy and security are our company's top priority; therefore, we have policies in place to ensure that chat and file contents cannot be accessed by non-team members. And of course, our company does not view customer data either.
I want to know more details...?
Please refer to the FAQ