Tocaro | Work Process Management Platform

All-in-one team workspace.

Minimize the amount of effort used internally and focus on maximizing customer satisfaction.

Various functions for easy and secure sharing of all the information you need to do your job
All the features you need to get the job done, including chat, file , tasks, workflow, and more, are standard.
Visualize important communications such as work requests and specification changes to prevent omissions and delays
With Tocaro's work requests, you can consolidate information sharing and task management, preventing omissions and delays.
Project Management
It brings tasks together and visualizes them, reducing management tasks and improving team work efficiency.
In addition to the usual Step-style workflow, the system also has a function to issue instructions to all members at once, dramatically reducing the manager's confirmation workload.
WorkBoard Function
Tocaro is unique in that it uses a workboard function that focuses on your own work, allowing you to visualize the work you need to do on a single screen to ensure that you complete your tasks without omissions.
Overcome all security issues and internal rule barriers
By combining many security features such as IP address restrictions, mobile device restrictions, function restrictions, and user privileges, we can overcome all security issues and internal rule barriers to create a secure communication environment without compromising convenience.
A secure communication environment is provided for more use cases by restricting operations with five levels of user privileges.
IP address restriction
By specifying the IP address of the connection source and restricting its use, direct connections from home PCs are prevented and information can be exchanged securely.
Mobile access
Mobile use can be restricted to authorized devices only, and information can be easily managed by limiting mobile use to company-issued devices.
Work with customers and business partners in a safe and efficient manner
By separating groups according to customers and business partners, documents and information to be exchanged can be organized, speeding up communication. In addition, log management and security management reduce the risk of information leaks.
External User Invitation
Users outside the company can be easily invited with a single e-mail address. Also, users outside the company can be restricted from accessing the system to ensure secure communication.
File Upload Restrictions
By restricting file uploads, you can prevent the risk of information leaks in groups with users outside the company.
access log
A log of all operations and statements can be exported periodically to keep track of group interactions with external users.
Simplify communication across group companies and departments by consolidating dispersed contact points into a single point of contact.
Where do I contact for this problem? With the Service Desk, you can reduce such wasted time to zero. Internal problems can be resolved smoothly with a single point of contact for inquiries.
Service Desk Function
A chat window can be set up that allows users to contact any internal contact person from a single screen. By integrating internal inquiries into the internal chat, you can easily set up an internal help desk.
Box Integration
All files shared on Tocaro can be automatically stored in your Box folder without leaving the Tocaro server.
Zoom Integration
Zoom meeting rooms can be created and shared at the touch of a button from the chat screen. You can also set up a permanent room on Zoom and use it as a virtual conference room.
Flexible and simple rate plans are available to suit your usage.
Safety and ease of use
$8 1 User/month
  • Message Posting Unlimited
  • Storage 10GB/User
Unlimited storage space
$10 1 User/month
  • Storage Unlimited
  • SLA99.9%
Safe and secure environment in-house
  • Support for closed Network
  • H/W can be purchased at the same time
Bank-level security is always for your team
Tocaro incorporates all the global security standards with industry-leading technologies.

Restricted access from within the company

Keeps information safe by blocking connections from home PCs.

No data left on mobile

Since all data is not left on the mobile, the risk of information leakage due to loss is reduced.

Proprietary Password Policies

You can set your own password policy, so you can operate according to your own rules.

Flexible per-user functionality restrictions

Detailed operating privileges can be set according to employee employment status and other factors.

Automatic log export of operations

Operation and access history can be exported periodically for easy auditing.

Prohibits use by users outside the company

It is possible to block chats with people who are not members of the company, making it possible to use it as a dedicated environment even though it is in the cloud.

SSO using internal passwords

By linking with SO (SAML2.0), it is possible to manage users securely by allowing them to log in using their company passwords.

Encryption of all communications and data

All communications, including internal communications, are encrypted, so there is no risk of unauthorized use from outside.