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Implementation support

Accelerate work with
Internal Communication Tool

3000 Cos
200 K
Security Industry Top class

Internal Communication Tool

Are you having trouble with things like this?

Communication tool not implemented due to security reasons
Looking to minimize the costs of our current tool
Lacking time for setup and rule creation
Want to manage data on our server due to confidentiality
Tocaro can solve it from just 200 yen / month
※In the case of using the Light Pack for 200 users

What is Tocaro?

Featuring versatile functionalities
and strong security.
Suitable for all industries and sectors.

Tocaro is a business chat tool that facilitates smooth communication within and outside the organization.
It enables efficient communication through the aggregation and sharing of information.
Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of management responsibility points, which are crucial for security management in companies, and aims to provide user-friendly work process management for each team and user.

The Reasons Why Tocaro is Chosen by Over 3,000 Companies

Price assurance
Significant price advantage
over competitors
Functional assurance
Every situations with
exceptional security
Implementation assurance
Trust our one-stop support
from setup to operation

Unbeatable prices compared to the competition

Get our plan just 40,000 yen/month for up to 200 users!
When utilized by 200 users, the rate will be 200 yen per person.
Unlimited storage with no extra fees! Full access to all features and security features as well.

Light Pack
40,000 yen/month
Pricing from 200 yen/ID
License fee only
<Ideal for>
Those who want to implement it at the lowest cost possible
Basic Pack
60,000 yen/month
Pricing from 300 yen/ID
Usage Reports
Dedicated Chat Support
<Ideal for>
Those looking to outsource QA support
Fully Managed Pack
150,000 yen/month
Pricing from 750 yen/ID
Basic pack + Operational support
Regular hands-on workshops
<Ideal for>
Fully hands-off operation seekers

Equipped necessary work functions and strong security

Not just chat and file sharing, but also equipped with the functionalities necessary to complete tasks, including workflows, to see work through to completion.
Equipped with all the security features that businesses demand.

Group chat feature
Departmental information sharing, Project information sharing, Meetings, Weekly & daily reports —enjoy casual and speedy chat communication in any scenario.
Project management features
Consolidate group tasks and visualize them in projects. Reduce management effort and boost team work efficiency.
File sharing feature
Drag & drop to easily upload files, preview is also available, dramatically speeding up the sharing of materials and document review.
Workflow feature
Reduce the effort of confirming work and requests with your superiors or team through a request feature that seeks reactions such as Approval from bosses or OK from the entire department.
Service link feature
Not only SaaS, but also compatible with API integration, enabling flexible linkage with Internal systems and other services.
All security features, which are optional in other tools, come standard with ours. We can provide an optimal environment tailored to your corporate culture and policies.

Total support from setup to maintenance assistance

Based on the setup experience of Tocaro in over 3,000 companies.
Launching a dedicated customer support desk!
We provide optimal support services.

\Leave the internal promotion activities/
Standard implementation support
Creation of internal security rules
Creation of operational rules
Internal hands-on workshops
\Full support from setup to management/
Premium implementation support
Standard implementation support
Creation of operational manual
Implementation assistance

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Please try our free trial