More transparent work process brings higher productivity.

Tocaro makes all your team's work transparent, measurable, automated and completed, leading to better flexibility with decision making and higher productivity of the entire company.

Trusted by more than 2,000 companies

Tocaro is supporting day-to-day collaborations of more than 2,000 companies.

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Tocaro is the only workspace to get all your team's work transparent, measurable, automated and completed.

Tocaro is your company's productivity platform, which makes all the work processes fully visible and all the team projects efficiently done.

Project Management

Tocaro can make who's in charge of what type of work measurable and how we work transparent, with its task tracking, automated workflow and process visualization.


Realtime Communication

A team cannot get things done without day-to-day communication among them. Tocaro is so intuitive and flexible that every one can communicate in every imaginable way such as one-on-one messaging with colleagues or business discussion with customers or clients.


Work Board

It's essential for a team that each of them knows all what they're in charge of by themselves. Tocaro's Work Board helps them bring together their own responsible work separated by groups or projects and make them organized in one place.


Bank-level security with industry-leading technologies

Tocaro incorporates all the global security standards.

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    User management

    Tocaro’s admin dashboard gives you the complete granular control such as people management, access logs and device configurations, which ensures that Tocaro is confidently available in any indutries and any business environments.

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    Access contorol

    Security for everyone is the core competence of Tocaro, with IP address restrictions, mobile device management or customizable password policy built in, which makes it dramatically easy for any companies to start using Tocaro without changing their security policies.

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    Tocaro’s advanced encryption algorithms and security configurations irreversibly encodes any data from cached data on mobile devices to logs stored in the database, and every single Tocaro’s customer is benefited from its global-standard security and protection.

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    All the data on Tocaro are intelligently backed up with automated security classifications and decentrally stored in multiple locations, which prevents data losses and breaches. Of course, administrators can retrieve historical data at any time.